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Ciao, my name is Naomi Cino, I’m 29 and I'm a missionary from Naples, Italy. I found out about the Epworth League Discipleship Intensive Program in 2017, and I decided to join it. By being part of the team I learned the value of cultivating God-given talents wisely and using them to serve others. Out of all the program activities, I mostly enjoyed helping with worship music, filmmaking, and video editing. 


Besides attending a two-year post-diploma course for Superior Technicians supported by the Art Academy of Naples, focused in storytelling, audiovisual and film post-production, I have also completed a program with the Department of Political Science to become a cultural mediator for intercultural and social cohesion. Being part of the Epworth League missionary team offers me the opportunity to fulfill the desire to serve God by merging creativity with community-based work.


Currently, my activities consist in helping online The Epworth League with the planning of mission projects. Besides that, I also assist here in Naples some Christian organizations and NGO groups engaged in supporting and facilitating the access to key services, such as health and education, to refugees and vulnerable people.

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