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Hi, I'm Alejandra Gutierrez, I'm 24 and I was born and raised in Chiapas Mexico. I've been involved with the Epworth League since 2021 after I went on their Texas Mission Trip for the first time. That same year I was also part of their summer discipleship program and it was one of my favorite experiences because I learned more about what it means to love others. 


I majored in Strategic Communications with a minor in marketing and a big part of what I do has to do with multimedia storytelling. As a staff member for the Epworth League, I’ve worked on creating materials such as videos for projects like the Texas Mission Trips, the Christian Disciple Farm, the Summer Discipleship program, and more. Along with those videos, I’ve made presentations and other graphics to send to the different groups that we want to get in touch with for the different projects we are working on.  


I also plan and create content for social media to show people what we’ve been doing in order to reach a larger audience as well as foster long-term relationships with people that have already been part of any of the Epworth League’s projects. Through this, I’ve had the opportunity to interview people and hear stories about how the Epworth League has been a blessing in their lives and so glad t I can be part of that as well.

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