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A little about us

Epworth League Pledge

With God’s help and that of my brothers and sisters, I will earnestly seek for myself,
and help others, to attain the highest Christ-like standard of living.
I will do my best to refrain from all forms of activity and behavior which is contrary to Christ’s teachings, and I will actively support the mission of the Epworth League and the Church through prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.

The Epworth League, Inc., is a global ministry and missionary service headquartered in Wisconsin focused on young adults aged 18 to 35 years old. We are a community of passionate followers of Jesus Christ who are committed to Christ led transformation in individuals and communities by proclaiming the Gospel in word and deed, through love, humanitarianism, and environmental stewardship. 

The Epworth League, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit and an exciting expansion and transformation of an established Wisconsin based young adult ministry that started in 2003. Our corporation continues to follow the early Methodist tradition of spiritual formation and discipleship. Our name comes from the town of Epworth, England, the birthplace of John and Charles Wesley. In addition, this name was used in the US from 1889 through 1939 as the name of a Methodist young adult organization which had over one million participants around the world. Our ministry is based on many of the methods and principles of the original Epworth League. 

The Epworth League Missionary Program is the center of our new expansion and where we will direct the vast majority of our attention and resources. This new young adult missionary program will provide a one year training program followed by 2 or more years of missionary service at locations across the US and other countries. The first few missionaries wiIl begin training in June 2024, with the first mission placements in June 2025. We will then ramp up to over a hundred placements per year. Our goal is to train and deploy 1000 passionate young adult missionaries by 2035. There is no financial obligation to the missionary for this program. All housing, meals, training, health benefits, and a modest salary are included. These costs will be covered by donations and missionaries will participate in helping with fundraising. This is a God sized task and we are excited about making it a reality.

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Meet our Missionaries


Naples, Italy


Wisconsin, United States

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Mexico City, Mexico

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