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Epworth League missionary program

The Epworth League Missionary Program is the core of the Epworth League and where we will direct the vast majority of our attention and resources. This new young adult missionary program will provide a one year training program followed by 2 or more years of missionary service at locations across the US and other countries. The first few missionaries wiIl begin training in 2024, with the first mission placements in 2025. We will then in the future ramp up to over a hundred placements per year. Our goal is to train and deploy 1000 passionate young adult missionaries by 2035.


Epworth League Missionaries are passionate followers of Jesus Christ who facilitate Christ led transformation in individuals and communities by sharing the gospel through love, humanitarianism, and environmental stewardship.

The missionary 


consists of 

three phases

Phase 1 

Completing a 3 month Discipleship Intensive helps individuals grow in their faith and gain confidence in sharing their faith.

Phase 2 

A 9 month paid apprenticeship in the individual’s expected humanitarian or environmental focus area. In addition to a modest salary, most expenses of the participants will be covered including lodging, meals, transportation, insurance, continuing education tuition, and some other expenses. Missionaries will live in community with other missionaries in the apprenticeship program in rural southeast Wisconsin with potential training in Milwaukee and/or Madison Wisconsin.


Phase 3 

2 year placement will take place somewhere in the United States or abroad. The missionary’s time will be split between working at a humanitarian or environmental job site and assisting a local church with young adult ministry.

There will be 2 main areas of focus for our missionaries:

There will be 2 main areas of focus for our missionaries:

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This is what is considered the more traditional work of missionaries consisting of a wide range of social justice and social service work. Including everything from serving at a shelter, to a free clinic, refugee camp, after school program, etc.



The unique mission work of the Epworth League, consisting of a wide range of environmental service work. Including things like helping at a national forest, serving at wildlife refuge, a farm, or operating a community garden program, or leading volunteer programs at a state park.

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