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rockies spiritual retreat

a week-long retreat for young adults, to find rest away from
busy life all while hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park

about the trip


Hike to wondrous views. Get up close and personal with wildlife. Road trip with friends. Get to know new and old friends on a deeper level. Spend the week connecting to God. And take a break and find rest from your everyday life. 

Much like our other trips and events, this trip is built around community building and spiritual development. Days are spent on hikes in and around Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. And in the evenings - we come together to enjoy dinner and for a large group discussion based around faith and God. This trip is for young adults who are atleast 18 years old and space is limited to less than 24 people.

We hike varying difficulty trails throughout the week, to ensure all can participate and enjoy. Our biggest hikes take people to nearly 13,000 feet in elevation, but we also go on shorter hikes to valleys and streams around the park. 

On these trails you can find elk, deer, marmots, pikas, and moose. Not to mention, the wonderful views you get of surrounding mountains, lakes, and trees. 


August 10 - 17, 2024

Leaving Saturday the 10th in the evening and returning late Saturday night the 17th.

Space is limited.

For more info or to reserve

your spot contact

$495 per person

Covers everything except getting there.

We can help you find a carpool.

All the animals you'll see! 

So many animals to watch out for in Rocky Mountain National Park! The trails we hike are less populated with people, and more populated with God's marvelous animals such as these.

Not to mention, all the views

We've been going on this trip for years now and have hiked many trails. These are some of our most favorite hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park.

A couple of them even lead you to summits of 12,800 feet elevation! While other trails lead you to beautiful green and gold meadows and waterfalls.

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