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epworth league national park expedition

a 16-day national park exploration out west,
dedicated to missions and hiking in God's creation
as a part of the Discipleship Intensive summer program

Watch Old Faithful erupt. Have a snowball fight up on a mountain peak
in Glacier. Walk over Grand Prismatic Springs. Dig for fossels in Wyoming. Hike in the Badlands.

A highlight of many from the summer program, this trip is an exploration of 5 different national parks over just 16 days - where you get to see God's creation up close and connect with Him on a deeper level. 


You'll visit the national parks:

- Theodore Roosevelt

- Glacier

- Yellowstone

- Wind Cave

- Badlands

and Mount Rushmore too! 

And you'll get to see so much wildlife like elk, big-horned sheep, mountain goats, and sometimes even moose and bears too. 

mountain goat.jpg

We also stop and serve local communities and organizations along the way too. In the past, we've helped with a trailer park ministry , a thrift store, and churches too.

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