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program stories

Matthew, 25

summer of 2016

from Verona, WI

I graduated from graduate school at UW-Whitewater in December of 2016. I currently work with YMCA in Ixonia, WI coordinating recess activities and the after-school care for the elementary school. I have a huge passion for the outdoors. And the summer in the program, I was able to experience just that and new life firsts.


One of my favorites was the Expedition trip. On this trip, we traveled out west to some of the most beautiful locations this country has to offer. This trip reinforced my love for nature and all of God’s wonder in creation.

Being a part of the program meant numerous opportunities for mission work. The Christian Disciple Farm is an incredible week filled with joy and enthusiasm. For an entire week, you get to spend the morning and afternoon with kids of all ages with special needs. This was one of my highlights of the program for sure!

Lastly, we got to spend eight days in the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park as a part of the Rockies Retreat. This retreat was so rewarding. It was the perfect time to reflect and discern where God was calling us to go, and the perfect ending to the program. 


I would recommend this program to anyone looking for new experiences and for those who want to be surrounded by such a loving community. This program is worth every minute!

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