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Volunteers needed in Wisconsin

In these times when our world seems to be growing more divided you can be part of a community dedicated to bringing people together and sharing the love of Christ. God has placed on our hearts the vision to deploy 1000 young adult missionaries by 2035 And he has asked us to do this from the unlikely place of rural Wisconsin.  It is a God sized task and we are excited to be a part of it. As a result we will be in need of Christ centered passionate people to move to rural southeast Wisconsin and help us make this vision a reality.

We need volunteers with various gifts to make the multi-faceted Epworth League program come to life. Volunteers will be needed to help with everything from organizing and operating mission projects, outreach events, retreats, worship, marketing, fundraising, and much more. You can do some of this from where you are or maybe God is calling you to join us in rural Wisconsin.


Help with "the farm"

In addition, a unique area we need help with is on the farm itself where many of our local activities and global coordination takes place. It is a beautiful 42 acre piece of God’s creation with fields, woods, trails, gardens, and a large pond. We are currently being called to utilize The Farm even more for ministry. This will include practicing and teaching sustainable living, farming, gardening, and teaching about God’s creation. We are even in the process of moving The Farm off the grid with solar energy. If you are interested in helping others get to know God through farming and sustainable living this may be the place for you. 

Contact our President Ken Rheingans for more information

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